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GLT attended this year’s Travel Goods Association show where we got to personally test just about every travel product you could imagine.

After thorough deliberation, we landed on our favorite woman-owned travel brands that every woman traveler needs to know about! These products answer several travel needs our GLT community frequently discusses. We hope you enjoy getting to know the women behind these brands as much as we have.

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The Barrier Method

Danielle Travis, 31 was born and raised on the island of Maui. She grew up riding horses, playing tennis and was a competitive gymnast. She picked up the sport of equestrian polo at age 16 and it is her true passion. Polo is what drives her successes in life. She lives for it. She’s the proud horse mom of Boomie, a horse she trained 10 years ago.

While traveling to play in a women’s polo tournament in Santa Barbara, she got sick, again. That is how The Barrier Method was born.  She wanted something pleasing to the eye that exudes comfort and functionality, and most importantly would keep her healthy. After wearing her Barrier Method scarf on every single flight, she does not get sick anymore and has drastically improved her travel life playing polo at her absolute best. She is super excited to share her passion for healthy traveling with all of you girls who love travel! Follow along on Danielle’s journeys here.


The Barrier Method founder, Danielle Travis, wearing the Hawaiian Hibiscus Winged Mask.

Walter and Ray

WALTER + RAY crafts ultra functional space saving travel gear.  Founder, Tania Rodrigues is a California native who loves to travel, design stuff and drink kombucha.

Born into a family manufacturing business, she was raised in an atmosphere that encouraged and nurtured the passion to create products.

In 2015, after some years of long flights in coach, loads of chats with fellow passengers and a gnawing personal need, she developed TAB ;the seatback pocket organizer. Kickstarter-funded and embraced by travelers, WALTER + RAY was born.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were pregnant!” That was the moment she first thought: “why can’t they make acupressure bracelets that look like regular jewelry?”


Queasy travelers have long relied on acupressure wristbands, a clinically proven natural remedy for motion sickness, morning sickness, and other forms of nausea. Until recently, however, all options on the market have been conspicuous and medical-looking products that advertise the wearer’s condition to others. Enter Blisslets: the only nausea-relief bracelets that are also beautiful jewelry.

Blisslets were created after its founder, Katherine Aparicio, had to endure an embarrassing experience at her job. She was early in her first pregnancy and not ready to share the news with her coworkers, when a male colleague recognized the traditional nausea-bands she was wearing and shouted for the whole office to hear: “Hey, I didn’t know you were pregnant!” That was the moment she first thought: “why can’t they make acupressure bracelets that look like regular jewelry?”

Besides pregnant mothers, Blisslets are perfect for travelers who want to look and feel their best. But they are not only effective, they protect their user’s dignity and privacy. They come in a variety of designs and are made from comfortable, breathable materials that dry quickly.


Big Skinny

Founded on the concept that thinner and lighter is better when it comes to your wallet, Big Skinny has been crafting skinny, durable, lightweight wallets, card cases, bags and travel goods for women and men since 2005.  The wallets are made out of ultra-thin, machine-washable, nylon microfiber [vegan!]. The leather line is a hybrid of a nylon interior and top-grain cowhide leather interior. Not only are these wallets and card cases skinny, they also weigh less than 2 ounces, which keeps your bag light too. There are dozens of models to choose from in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  The wallets are ideal for every-day use, but often sought after as well by luggage shops and travelers for the portable, lightweight features. Read the thousands of product reviews online to see for yourself!

Founder, Catherine Alexandrov, merged her background in marketing and PR with her husband’s business acumen to develop Big Skinny into a successful, world-renowned private label.  Catherine, along with her fabulous team, operate BigSkinny out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. She travels extensively with her 4 children [ages 11-2], whom she and her husband have taken to London, France, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico and various places in the Caribbean.


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