A small fishing town in Brazil holds the key to unlocking your inner power.

Nicknamed the ‘Magic Island’, Florianopolis is a haven for those seeking alternative travel adventures. Nestled in the East of the island, Barra Da Lagoa, is a slice of earth dedicated to peeling away the layers that bind us to our modern lives. Heart Attack is the program and Rosemary Dream is the resting place for your old and unwanted layers.

Rosemary is more than a retreat centre. It’s home to a international community. Filled with people dedicated to living their best lives and inspiring others to create meaningful change. Heart Attack is Rosemary’s 30-day program. With the guidance of experienced coaches, mentors and psychologists, you explore 6 principal components of your life:

Lifestyle balance



Connection with self & others

Nutrition and nature

The idea is that with the right understanding, experience and practical tools you will be confident and capable. You will take your life to the next level. You’ll achieve your personal goals, love yourself and your life fully. This, in turn, creates lifelong and supportive connections.

Haley Woods, founder of Girls LOVE Travel, had a lot to say after she experienced this 30-day immersive program firsthand. New realizations were made about technology and the struggles of modern day life. She was hit with a magnitude of self-discovery. A new love was born for intentional travel. She left feeling inspired to lead a life full of meaning and vitality.

To give Girls LOVE Travel members that same taste of an exciting and heartfelt like as Haley experienced, you can experience Rosemary’s and Girls LOVE Travel newest retreat: Stopping The World. Haley worked hard with Rosemary Dream to customize this totally new experience. Putting something together for those seeking a chance to renew and rejuvenate a more balanced life. 

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