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  • Do not submit duplicate content. Please write completely new and original content for GLT. If your article has been published on another blog or website, please completely rewrite the article before submitting. If we find that the article you'd submitted has been published elsewhere, we'll take the article down from GLT and not accept submissions from you in the future. We do this because duplicate content negatively affects all parties in Google rankings, so we require 100% new and original content.

  • Your article should be at least 1,000 words and we prefer articles between 1,500 and 2,000 words

  • Paragraphs should be between 3-6 sentences to hold the reader's attention

  • Articles should be between 8-15 paragraphs

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  • In order to maintain the highest caliber of content on GLT, we reserve the right to make edits to your posts

  • Writing for GLT does not make you an employee of GLT, please do not represent yourself as such

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  • GLT does not publish sponsored content or brand reviews; please get in touch with Haley at girlslovetravelgroup@gmail.com if you're interested in publishing sponsored or brant content

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  • We prefer landscape images rather than portrait.

  • Please edit your images before submitting. For example to crop, straighten, etc.

  • Submit photos that are between 80KB - 250KB. Photos larger than 300KB will not be accepted. (Please see: How to Resize Photos | Resize Tool)

  • Submit photos in the aspect ratio of 3x4, with the longest side of the photo being no more than 1000px (Aspect Ratio Calculator)

  • Title your images in this format: name-of-the-photo.jpg

  • For example, if your article/photo is about Bali, each photo should have "Bali" in the name: volcano-bali-1.jpg, volcano-bali-2.jpg

  • Please only submit photos you have the rights to

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