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global community of active and aspiring female travelers providing resources and empowerment to one another through safety, socializing and support

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Girls LOVE Travel is more than just a Facebook group. We’re a global community of active and aspiring female travelers providing resources and empowerment to one another through safety, socializing and support. Open to all shapes, sizes, colors and anyone who identifies as female. ♥️

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Girls LOVE Travel has done getaway trips to Mexico, Cuba, Thailand, Iceland, Egypt, and Havasupai Falls. These are opportunities to meet with other GLTers, explore a destination, and make life-long memories together.

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Girls LOVE Travel subgroups are a place for you to connect with other like minded girls that have the same interests as you! Whether you’re a fitness nut, a WOC, or a mommy to a little GLTer, you’ll find a welcoming community in GLT Subgroups.


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GLT At New York Times Travel Show

TRAVEL SHOW, NEW YORK Hey GLTers! Girls LOVE Travel is moderating a panel and hosting a cocktail hour at the New York Times Travel Show January 25-27, 2019. We would love for you to come sit for the panel and join us at the cocktail hour! Panel: Expert Safety Tips for...

Travel Smarter with AwardWallet

Travel, as they say, is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. But, that doesn’t mean you have to surrender your life savings in order to indulge your wanderlust. In our latest post on travelling the world with points and miles, Rachel Berkey breaks down the...

Experience Fika Time: Our Stockholm Travel Guide

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE Zoe Macfarlane, Travel & Wellness Writer 26 November 2018 Want to experience the ultimate Stockholm travel guide? Girls Love Traveler Zoe Macfarlane jams the most alluring of Sweden’s capital in two days in her Stockholm travel guide.  Stockholm is...

GLT Egypt: Experience the Endless Golden Sands

Rugged desert beauty, iconic monuments; this is a country with a far reaching history and stories just waiting to be uncovered beneath the endless golden sands. This is a place for explorers. A place for the curious and the cultured, for the aesthetes and adventurers....


TRAVEL | LIFESTYLE | THE AZORES THE AZORES: THE ATLANTIC’S PLAYGROUND Zoe Macfarlane | @zoemacnz 1 November 2018 If you’re in Girls Love Travel, you’re likely a travel trendsetter and have heard of the Azores islands in the middle of the Atlantic. Zoe Macfarlane has...

Self Development Retreat For Modern Travelers

A small fishing town in Brazil holds the key to unlocking your inner power. Nicknamed the 'Magic Island', Florianopolis is a haven for those seeking alternative travel adventures. Nestled in the East of the island, Barra Da Lagoa, is a slice of earth...

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