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global community of active and aspiring female travelers providing resources and empowerment to one another through safety, socializing and support

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Girls LOVE Travel is more than just a Facebook group. We’re a global community of active and aspiring female travelers providing resources and empowerment to one another through safety, socializing and support. Open to all shapes, sizes, colors and anyone who identifies as female. ♥️

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Girls LOVE Travel has done getaway trips to Mexico, Cuba, Thailand, Iceland, Egypt, and Havasupai Falls. These are opportunities to meet with other GLTers, explore a destination, and make life-long memories together.

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Girls LOVE Travel subgroups are a place for you to connect with other like minded girls that have the same interests as you! Whether you’re a fitness nut, a WOC, or a mommy to a little GLTer, you’ll find a welcoming community in GLT Subgroups.


The latest and greatest stories from members of our Girls LOVE Travel Community. Check them out below, and consider writing for us!  

Self Development Retreat For Modern Travelers

A small fishing town in Brazil holds the key to unlocking your inner power. Nicknamed the 'Magic Island', Florianopolis is a haven for those seeking alternative travel adventures. Nestled in the East of the island, Barra Da Lagoa, is a slice of earth dedicated to...


** GLT is going to Antarctica! ** And we have only a couple beds remaining on each of the boats! Girls LOVE Travel is going with Oceanwide Expeditions on their Basecamp adventure series! There are over 120 GLTers gearing up and about to embark on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd...

Visit Finland’s Northern Lights

#gltFinland Group Trips to see the Northern Lights!  Come see the Northern Lights in an all girls getaway GLT group trip! These group trips have been so amazing that Aurora Holidays has allowed us to add on one more trip!!! ** Excited to be adding the week of FEBRUARY...

Budget Travel Hack Plus Mexico Vacation

Save that hundo for a rainy day, because we give you TripValet.     Our friends over at this wholesale travel company are packing up all the deals. We want you to be their friends so we can travel the world together for cheaper!   TripValet Travel Hacks: Negotiate...

An Exciting Time in Portugal

TRAVEL | LIFESTYLE | PORTUGAL An Exciting Time in Portugal Ene Abnah | @belle.tammy 1 June 2018 My sister and I visited Portugal between the end of October and early November 2017. Around October, winter starts to say hello but Portugal was bright and sunny. My sister...

Riding the Train

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE Riding the Train Heather Young  31 May 2018 Traveling by train is hands down my favorite. Period. End of story. Well... Maybe it’s because I grew up in rural America and public transportation was never an option. It was so not an option that when I...

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The Girls LOVE Travel Press Team is an opportunity for you share your writing talents while becoming a more integral part of our team. Every post will give credit back to you as the author and to your social media platform. This way you are helping GLT and we are helping GLTers connect more with you! Your contributions will help GLTers explore the world!

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